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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Not sure if y'all have been to Wal-Mart lately....they have FAB "STATEMENT" necklaces for $10.00!!!

Here are the various necklace styles they carry....very J.Crew like with out the price tag...don't get me wrong I'd LOVE to be able to afford the J.Crew versions BUT on my single mom budget we have priorities

THIS is the one I chose....

I KNEW immediately I wanted to wear it with a graphic black and white stripe shirt (although it would be FAB with a denim chambray shirt too - everything is FAB with denim)

awwww yeah....rawkin the statement necklace....HOLLA!!!!
Which necklace would YOU pick?!?!? Have YOU bought a statement necklace?!?! If so which one? We could make al inky party....whatcha think?!?!?

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Liz Taylor said...

Holy freaking crap. I had no idea WalMart had an assortment of necklaces like that. WOW! I LOVE THEM!