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Monday, August 25, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....Mixed Media Journaling

Welcome to Monday Sunshine's!!! Today i am posting about a FAB idea I found on Mae Badiyan's Pinterest page....Check out her youtube video here It's a FAB way to scrapbook, journal, keep track of things you've seen in magazines that you may want OR make your daily lists (Like I did in the second excerpt). I found this adorbs journal at TJ Maxx....

...and KNEW I had to do something special with it....

This below page was my first stab at it at 10pm while I was in bed...I at least got a start ....

.....and yesterday I finished it you start it's easier to have a jumping point...things kinda just fall into place....This days post started with relationship and work status...and I built from there.

For yesterday's post I was inspired by fashion and health...SO HERE is where I made a to-do list of sorts (you may notice I didn't cross anything off BUT I did accomplish a few things and ONE of them was simply because it was on THIS list).

Do YOU have a favorite mixed media journaler YOU folow?!?!?

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