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Friday, August 8, 2014


Angelic Organics is a local farm here in Illinois that has a "crop share" program. Through this program they have "host homes" throughout Illinois that agree to house your weekly box of produce for pick up SO even IF you don't live close to the farm you can STILL have farm fresh produce. For more information check out their website at
Below you will see pictures from the past month of my cropshare. 

I spent several hours one Sunday morning washing all the lettuce (there are various varieties that I have received over the weeks)

Here is a salad I took to work one day made entirely from my crop share (I made my own "italian" style dressing)

It's a LOT of produce for a small family and I don't always get to the stuff right away....which was the case with the second batch of carrots and my first batch of celery....SO what's a girl to do?!?!?!

Wash them, chop them and sautee son HATES onions (I LOVE the flavoring so a good compromise is to cook the onion WHOLE and then remove it)

I used the above pictured veggies for Chicken Pot Pie

Two weeks in a row we got lil baby watermelons....did YOU know a watermelon is a vegetable NOT a fruit?!?!?

Last weeks crop share....we LOVE to eat sliced cucumbers in fresh squeezed lime juice - a perfectly fresh compliment to summer

Dinner grilled earlier this week (IN rain, thunder and LIGHTENING) the tomato is from my deck garden and the corn from the crop share....
This is a BRILLIANT IDEA and secretly I've always wanted to sell at a farmers market (on a very small herb and flowers kinds scale). I'd LOVE to see "The Hundred Foot Journey" movie...seems like a foodies dream...have YOU seen it?

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