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Thursday, August 14, 2014


T-shirts are plentiful at the thrift AND perfect for working out....BUT who wants a plain and boring t-shirt?!??! NOT me!! Thanks to Anne at WOBISOBI you NEVER need to sport a boring t-shirt again!! She has SO MANY amazing tutorials with EASY step by step instructions....CHECK HER OUT!! BOTH t's below were ideas from her blog! 

(Never mind the pj pants and cray cray face)

I didn't give step-by-step instructions because you can visit HER blog for them!! 

Chalk lines, simple cuts and FAB directions....

 and VIOLA!! The finished product!!! I LOVE it!! 

While out one night this guy asks if I want a t-shirt - sure why not?!?! More material for me to practice my cutting on and work out in (I'm serious y'all I NEED to get to the gym or the track or whatever....ha ha ha NO PUN intended)....anyway, Tee started out like this....

and through some crafty cutting ended like THIS....
(obvi I would only have 1 set of straps BUT I was just poppin it on quick to see if it REALLY worked). Have YOU cut up a tee recently?!?!?

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