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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A DAY In The LIFE....

Pics via my  iphone from the week...some weeks I've got nada and other weeks it's MAJOR over load!!
I think this week is kinda overload-ish....
Freezing temps in the midwest make ya wanna hunker down and cook a coast with gravy...that's EXACTLY what I did was SO good! My lil guy even helped make the gravy!!

I'm having toothpaste schizophrenia....I currently have all these....and I think my fave is the Colgate Optic white....Do y'all have any recomendations? I want something that whitens, cleans the plaque and will help rebuild the enamel on my teeth (is that even possible?!?! To rebuild enamel? I've seen it on teh commercials)

On a -11 (thats right peeps it was -11 here monday) my daughter wanted to blow bubbles and see if they'd freeze in the case you're curious about the results, nope - they didn't

I'm SO over winter!! So I decided to paint my toes "twisted pink" WHILE watching the Bachelor...anyone else have Juan Pablo fever!?!?!?

Speaking of love....LOOK at this cute lil baby face!!!! How much so we LOVE him?!?!?!

I hit my head - 3 times in less than 24 hours!! The last bump caught up with me - OUCH!!

 LOVING my lil vintage like coffee maker....add some cafe bustelo and we're good to go!!

A s'more is a perfectly acceptable treat to go with coffee, RIGHT?!??!

 When I left work the other day I found this pretty wallet....I have been in touch with the rightful owner and it will be returned today

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE elf's liquid eyeliner?!??! PERFET blend, nice brush and one dolla- HOLLA!!

DO you ever get a taste for something DELISH but can't quite put your finger on it?!?!? I KNEW I wanted something like alfredo, so I consulted with my Skinny Italian cookbook...

And here was my version...not bad BUT I wish it was creamier!

In honor of the new year, it's back to healthy eating....this fits the bills while still being YUMMY (and disregard the s'more pic above! LOL)

Been working on this baby for a week and a half....a how to will be posted next week!

What have YOU been up to?!?!?

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