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Monday, January 27, 2014

MANIC MONDAY....Coordinating Bathroom Spray - what?!?!?

Yes! Either this post is NEUROTIC or BRILLIANT.....You can be the judge!! And before you say "she has way too much time on her hands - that's not it AT all and it literally took 3 minutes here and there....Like I sprayed one coat on my way out the door to work...Lets see what I'm talking about.....
LOVE the Hawaii scent by Airwick....BUT the packaging was such an eyesore....EVERY time I walked into the bathroom it irritated me...

Everyone Poops  
seriously - it's a book by Taro Gomi for Kids 
(I had one of my Reps tell me about it years ago...picture this, an 50-ish gentleman with a southern drawl saying "everyone poops").

SO Bathroom spray is inevitable....SO it may as well be pretty.....I cut a piece of scrapbook paper and taped it on (So I can easily remove when the spray runs out and I replace) and I simply removed the top (took the clear spray mechanism out PRIOR to pray painting). A few light coats of a grey primer I had on hand and VIOLA!! NOW to make it easy, I will just pop the tops off and swap them out when I replace the can....a lil 3 minutes here and there ONCE and BAM you have a pretty can!!

Don't you agree it's SO MUCH PRETTIER?!?!?! 
It's always been the little things for me!! 
What's ONE project YOU feel like a loon over doing?!?!? 

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