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Friday, January 17, 2014


I've seen these pom pom wreaths floating around blogland and KNEW it would be the PERFECT wreath for January - the month of no decor!! LOL! SO, first things first....get your wreath....
(THIS one is from the Dollar Tree and a pretty good size)

MAKE your pom poms (I wanted FUN FUNKY colors and I tend to decorate this house in teals and lime greens). You can google pom pom making - there are several methods - I used the one where you cut your own cardboard rings and wrap the yarn around - TIME consuming for sure BUT get your kids in on it -both mine helped...they'd get bored and make a couple more the next took us about a week and a half to complete (working very IRREGULARLY)

Lay out you poms on your wreath see what sizes you need to make and colors....

Tie them on, add a festive coordinating scarf and VIOLA!!! You have a FAB January door hanging

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