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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


EVERYONE is carrying these portable chargers from Wal-mart to J.Crew. I got mine at Chico's for $11.00 (HOLLA) after the holidays. It was part of their giftware collection and at 60% off it came out to $11.00 and some change. SO I decided I would give it a whirl....

Charge time is approx 3 hours, it's an on-the go charger and is compatible with iphone 4 (I plan to get the 5 in a few weeks BUT my daughter has the 4 so she can still use this)

Not ONLY is it FABULOUS leopard, it's also been pretty handy!! Perfect for using on the go (ie wandering around downtown Chicago OR when your sitting on the couch and too lazy to unplug the cord from the bedroom to charge it).

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