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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Courtney Loves Dallas

Have anyone of you watched Courtney Loves Dallas on Bravo?!?! In case you haven't, here's a lil snippet....

Click on the youtube link to check it out....
I am just a girl from the Midwest who blogs...SHE is living the dream a lot of us bloggers would LOVE the opportunity to have....A show on BRAVO (smooches Andy Cohen) based on her blog - fashion, life, etc....sounds DREAMY right?!?!? I've tuned in each week...KNEW I'd dedicate a blog post to the show and after episode 7 where she was a total JERK to her bestie (who's been her sidekick the entire time) I decided I am not as enanmoured with her as I originally thought!! I am kind of disappointed in her behavior, the fact that she has taken this AMAZING opportunity and made a mockery of it. Ok, there I've said my peace and I'd LOVE to hear what y'all think!! 
ps, she says some words I sat that makes me wanna stop saying them....I'm not hating...I was so stoked to see a blogger get her shot at fame and she's 'meh'

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