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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


HOLLA!! This past Thursday was Dolla day at was FRIGID but I KNEW I wanted to check out what they had - ya can't go wrong for a dollar - even IF it's just to clean the house in!! The kids BEGRUDGINLYwent....We were back home before the sunset (as that's when the temps were scheduled to drop).
MY Haul(see deets below)
* Park Ridge T-shirt - CUTE and quirky...10 minutes from my parents....anyone have CUTE ideas on how to cut a t-shirt?!?!?
*New with Tags Red, White and Blue bikini top - PERFECT for 4th of July
*Blue Adidas Warm up pants...I am COMMITTED to walking whenever the weather warms up SO my theory is if I have cute fun stuff I wanna wear it'll be easier?!?!
*Hydraulic Crop Jeans (if you ever buy this brand you know they can be on the higher end price wise and are sold at Macy's and Maurices SO if you can score them for a Dolla that's a STEAL).
*Brown Liz Claiborne gold shorts (the nice thing about these is they are no iron - wrinkle resistant and the PERFECT length for me)

My girl's haul
(she's 14 and was OPPOSED to getting anything..until she started looking)
 *Grey mossimo for Target lightweight sweater vest (she wears these all the time)
*Brown Danskin Fleece jacket
*Adidas Shorts for track
*Denim Shorts

Miniature Mister's Haul
(He actually looked thru and found the Batman shirt himself)
 Grey Sherpa lined Hoodie - RALPH LAUREN y'all - this was a MAJOR SCORE
Batman T-Shirt - Gap Kids
Pure Rock T-shirt - Target
Red Polo - Target
Camo Pants- Old Navy
Blue and Khaki Shorts - (both) Target
Plaid Shorts - Kohls AND match PERFECT with the Batman T-shirt!!
While we didn't get a BUNCH of stuff we can wear now we scored for summer!! And that's the key when thrifting, have a open mind to seasonal needs....don't buy just to buy because it's a dollar BUT think ahead....What have YOU scored lately?!?!?

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