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Thursday, January 2, 2014


SO, remember I posted this pic in my top pinterest projects of 2013?!?!

WELL, the frame didn't start out that way (AND in case you didn't guess the frame is a good size 21 x 26). 

Here is the BEFORE....
 The pic SCREAMS late 80's BUT the gold brassy frame was JUST right....I'm uber cheap and the price was a lil more than I WANTED to pay BUT it fit my requirements of being simple, large and gold!! I removed the glass and glued my circles (pre cut from paint chips using a circle cutter from the scrapbook section) right onto the pic. My theory on removed the glass WAS it will make hanging the frame lighter and maybe I could use the piece of glass to cover a coffee table top....
You can see where the mat starts I have a slight bump on the circles instead of a flat surface...BUT I think it's ok...I LOVE the large presence and POP of color it adds....
I was going to paint the circles gold but I like the complimentary teal....for now!

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