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Saturday, January 9, 2016


Welcomed in the New Year with a legit FRESH START...New Year New home!!! 

@Verizon LOVING this's the!!! Charging station, table and GIANT Lily Tomlin seat!!!

Found this #glasswash'r @ #dollartree - B E S T invention ever!!! (ya know since I am feeling the need to wash EVERYTHING before I put it away....this includes those wine glasses and party dishes we haven't used in SEVERAL years).

Can't fit the boxspring downstairs SO it's become the yukele storage spot!! (until we try cracking it and fixing it OR worst case purchasing 2 twin boxsprings).

Sportin my pretty new jewels from my guy...I mentioned I wanted it, he went and bought it....he's been the BEST throughout this move....I've been a MAJOR crank....

I've got projects galore....

Styled my's THESE personal touches that make a house a home....true story...because when my daughter got home from school she said "it's homey in here now"

Stay tuned!!!

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