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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I'm SO GUILTY of doing this....buying something because it's 'SUCH A DEAL' and 'someday I'll find a use for it' BUT I have tried to be better about that (which has led to LOTTSA non-buyers remorse....every time I've gone back for something because I've went home to think about it when I come back it's GONE. Mmmmkay one MIGHT say then it wasn't meant to be and sometimes that's true BUT in most cases NOT (especially with this GORG vintage settee I wanted)....anyway I'm digressing....back to the chandy....I found this pretty FAB #mirroredchandy at #marshalls like 5 years ago and bought it (because it was $2.50 - STEAL and I KNEW eventually I could do SOMETHING with it). Enter new home...PERFECT lil bart cart area AND wall space (the last place had an open floor plan which made decorating a challenge sometimes)....

 (come back next week to see the bar cart and wall STYLED)

The chandy came in a few different pieces (the "chain" had several pieces to adjust to YOUR length and there were a few crystal drops to add on {the bottom and a few on the sides)

Pretty right?!?! But if you know me you know enough never is - I ALWAYS need that EXTRA layer! SO I dug through my stash and found these grey hematite-like rhinestones....

...and added them in-between the crystal drops at the bottom and on the sides (NOW I knew I was going to do this so I left enough space in between).

MUCH fancier - don't you think?!?!?
Right is without gems and left is WITH....which look do YOU like?!?!?
I HEART comments and feedback so if you've seen something you like or thought was particularly FABULOUS I'd LOVE to hear from you because sometimes I think I'm just writing to an audience of one!! 

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