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Friday, January 8, 2016


We haven't done a whole lotta cooking in these here parts lately SO I'll do a FUNKY Friday post - mmmkay?!?!?

Our new place is bigger than the last....a different layout is proving to be FUN to decorate!! Here we have an actual laundry ROOM....

I'm sure we've all seen this all over Pinterest and since my appliances aren't newer I was down to try it!!! YEP - it's electrical tape.....from the #dollartree (literally 2 rolls for a dolla). I have been keeping my eyes out for a shaped punch to decorate the dryer with (I did buy a star shape BUT I thought it looked hokey). Everyone's done polka dots with their stripes so I want to find something different BUT how can ya beat a classic?!?!?
(stay tuned because oh BOY do I have plans for this room - BOLD color - take a guess at what color you think I'm going to paint!!! Leave your answer in the comments).

Since the tape was SO EASY...I was thinking about what else I could FUNKIFY.....(I was thinking about spray painting this trash can, getting a black one OR having 2 - one for trash and one for recycle)...

How about some bold black stripes!?!?! Yep, I did it!! True story! My daughter came home and said "Ok, you need to stop with the tape"!! The lid was lost in the move and will probably turn up as we go through the boxes.

What have YOU used electrical tape for?!!

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