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Friday, January 29, 2016


We're back on track peeps!!! Momma's cooking in the kitchen and don't forget when spelling DESSERT there are 2 "S"'s BECAUSE we always want seconds!!!

In my last house I had this menu board (actually in like my last 3 houses I had it). It was an old pic I snagged the last day at a flea market from the $1.00 pile (I bought it for the FRAME). Popped some chalkboard paint over the picture and VIOLA!!

Got my pink #chalkbistromarker at HobLob for a song (I can't tell you how LONG I looked for these THIN chalk markers...2 years ago I couldn't find one to save my life and there I was perusing the HOBLOB clearance aisle and WHOOP there it was! For less than $2.00 I found one and it's PINK (I have hated the color pink most my life BUT lately DANG! I can't get enough)!!!!

Below is my menu for the lest you think I'm THAT organized this has been more of an "outline" this week BECAUSE We have been on the run! Sunday we went to IHOP for breakfast for dinner (we were out running errands and were STARVED).

SO pot roast got moved to Tuesday....

I served this with french bread I popped in the oven to warm and get that crispy crust....
MY version of potroast was more like "Button Soup" ie what I had on hand!!! The meat I cooked ahead of time (I browned it in a fry pan with olive oil). Tuesday morn I got the slow cooker out and added a packet of "brown gravy mix" (I mixed this in 2 cups of water prior to just dropping the packet of seasoning in the pot). I added a few potatoes, minced garlic and carrots....let cook for about 5-6 hours and dinner was ready!!!

Later that night we had some DEE-LISH Key Lime Pie truffles....

Three came to a pack - PERFECT for us! Plating them made them a lil more special than just gobbling them down!!! I enjoyed my cuppa coffee with coconut creamer (and after I took the pic I noticed my mug was CITRUS too!!). I guess I'm in a Florida State of mind (speaking of and TOTALLY not food related....I thought I heard of a pink sand beach in Florida BUT all my research brings me to exotic places instead...looking to plan a trip to Florida soon and wondering if y'all had any suggestions....we're looking for a beach getaway and did Clearwater last year....)

I noticed I seemed to be on a bit of a KEY LIME kick!!! 

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