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Saturday, January 16, 2016


.....Pics via my iphone from the past week....

There are no WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY (WIWW) posts BECAUSE everyday it's a different (sometimes SAME) set of painting clothes!!! 

Check out last Monday's post for Mani deets! Just because I'm painting doesn't mean momma's nails aren't getting done!!!

WHOOP WHOOP a day out last Sunday felt like a prison release (trying to get home and life in order after a MAJOR move has me staring at those 4 walls LOTS).

Monday started like this....planning, posting and COFFEE

The rest of the week brought ORGANIZING....

MORE organizing (there will be pretty FULL blog posts about EACH of these projects once they are COMPLETE)

FINALLY started putting our personal stamp on the place!!! Finished painting this wall and could't wait to decorate....Our fam pics will go where the striped paper is and in the empty silver and prayer are the STAPLES!!!

There started to be major mishaps toward the end of the family wall (yes, that dirt out lining the cross that was laid out for hanging (I put the basket over so the dirt could try before I vacuumed it up and so I didn't grind it further into the carpet). The kids were amazed by the cross outlines!!!

Went and got my hair did!!! Some SUBTLE highlights amid the black that I LOVE and a trim...

 SO SUBTLE you can barely see the highlights....

Oh yeah....about that kitchen mess you see on the background above....HERE it is in ALL it's glory!!
Lotsa cabinets and counter space SO trying to figure out HOW to make the kitchen work best for US!!! (and the cabinets aren't as deep as I'm used to SO that makes platters and serving pieces a challenge).

Hunting and gathering for my master bath has been SO FUN!!! It ALL started with this #threshhold shower curtain....Snagged this rug for .38 - TRUE STORY!!!

One morning while working on my vision board the pooch hopped up on the chair and decided he was hanging with me for the day....

NO JOKE! He sat there for at least an hour!!!

 FINALLY unpacked the last moving truck Thursday....SO EXCITED to get my hands on the magenta paint and slap it on the walls...and I found THIS.....

WAH!!! Apparently it froze the last 2+ weeks sitting in the truck. It was the PERFECT pink! DAMN! Now you KNOW it's in my beak to find another pink like this!!!

And HOLLA! Am I the LAST WOMAN alive to just now realize how HAWT Leo DiCaprio is?!?!?! I mean I've heard all the jazz about him BUT this rugged sexxy pic did it for me!!!
 AND he's still single?!?! WHAT?!?!?!

Lemme preface by saying hanging anything symmetrical for me spells CHAOS!!! After several tries we got these shelves right!! My man said "it's not a museum - it's a house" I said "um when I put the pics on my blog everyone (my one reader) will notice they're crooked" so back to the drill we went to get it RIGHT!!! 

DID this project too!! For TRY IT THURSDAY...get the deets here

What have YOU been up to this week?!?!

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