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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I've done a few couponing posts....and then I kinda get away from it....and then I see insta posts or Extreme Couponing and think "DANG I NEED to do this!!" What you hear is true though - it really can be like a J O B!!! Tracking down a Sunday paper in my town or surrounding areas can be a real CHALLENGE (Need to subscribe to the sunday paper...OR if you guys don't coupon I'd LOVE your inserts!!! Please pretty please send them to me - I'd give you my PO box). Once I find the paper....
A) I clip the coupons
B) Go through the sales flyers and comp who has the best deals / rewards
C) Make a list (including the size on sale, the rewards offered and quantity)
D) Go back through all my coupons and see what I have that matches up to the ads (sometimes they are from the current insert, others times they are from inserts a few weeks ago OR an in-store offer I received via email)
E) I take it one step further and subtract the sale amount, the coupon and any other offers AND then add sales tax (this way I know EXACTLY what I will be paying PROVIDING I stick to the list)

CVS Haul Jan 16, 2016

OH YEAH....Who's done pretty good for a rookie?!?! My total BEFORE the coupons was 60.00
 SEE what I paid?!?! $28 and some change!! (and actually by implementing step "E" I knew the cashier missed a coupon (a BIG one - a $3.00 one).
Think about this...You would pay 28.00 for the two #Airwicks and #AxebodyWashes. My girlfriend and I are committing to doing this not inly for ourselves BUT for our families too (and by this we mean extended families) and eventually be able to give back to our community. WE both have teenage daughters so we go through toiletries like CRAZY!!! My fiancee came with me and when he saw $60.00 he about died!! I told him I only needed $40.00, he waited by the magazines....and when I handed him the $11.00 in change he was SHOCKED!!! That felt pretty amazing!!!
The funny thing is tonight when I was in Target I came across a REAL LIFE couponer!!! She had her binder, her clear inserts fulla coupons and her hubby was with. I told her I was going to follow her through the store and learn her ways....she was SO KIND and gave me a fews tips and tricks of the trade and wished me luck!

Do YOU coupon?!?!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

that is so awesome.........i need to do couponing too!