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Monday, January 11, 2016


It you follow my IG or have read the last few posts you know I have been moving for what feels like ever (OK, the move is done although there is STILL one truck load to be emptied). It's the PAINTING that's making me crazy (a self inflicted crazy....the walls were a nice fresh white). Anyway, even though I have been elbows deep in projects (and my nails have broken off and down into shorty-McShorts) that's NO REASON NOT to have a mani!!!! SO back to our regularly scheduled programming....MANI MONDAY and #sinfulSHINE nail color of the week.

Every good mani starts off with a base coat (my personal preference is #sallyhansen hard as nails). When using a polish with glitter or shimmer I always try to use a first coat of a similar colored polish (so I only have to do one nice topcoat of the shimmer or glitter). My first coat choice was #sallyhansen #salonmanicure in #greigegardens (are we noticing a pattern?!?!? I LOVE Sally Hansen polishes....relatively quick dry, lasts a good 5 days with no chipping, variety of colors and great price point). The topcoat was a new line by #sinful called SINFULSHINE in Prosecco (a PERFECT grey with a hint of golden shimmer - the best of BOTH worlds...which oddly I'm finding myself using in decorating my new home as swell!!).

Have you tried sinful polishes?!?!?! What's your go-to polish?!?!?
See that lil rash on my arm...from my #fitbit ....does anyone else have this happen to them OR am I just maybe allergic to the plastic?

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