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Thursday, January 28, 2016

TRY IT THURSDAY.....Small Changes make ALL the difference

Small changes can make a BIG difference!!! A new lightbulb, a few inches one way or another, a fabric shade vs a glass globe....In this post I am showing you a few different ways that subtle changes make a world difference ....

When I moved in the bulbs on the left were what was all over the house (I kinda hate those energy saver lightbulbs)

I switched out the energy saver bulbs for the clear globe lights....When I post the bath in it's entirety you will see the diff .(I just did this in my master bath yesterday too and LOVE it)

Curtains...High-LO.....this is ONYL fashionable with a dress!!! As you can see from the photo below, the higher hung curtains make the ceiling LOOK taller and look chic-er (at least that's what I think).
Do YOU hang your curtains high or low?!?!?

I posted about changing the builder grade light fixture HERE

AND I just can't STOP myself!!! I added this shade to the kitchen ceiling fan (the blades are down so they can get a fresh paint job) AND there's another in the master bedroom too!!! I think it just gives an air to the fans (because honestly THIS one in the kitchen was going to be cut PERIOD until I decided to do a SMALL CHANGE make-over! 

I posted about this too...mirrored chandy....The one on the left is exactly how it came from the kit....the one on the right is with added *BLING* crystals from the Dollar Spot @ #Michaels 

 Added knobs to the cabinet in the bathroom....THIS will be a future post BUT I just wanted you to see the difference!!!
ALL of these changes were COST effective and either FREE or under $5.00 (WITH the exception of the blue shade - that was $6.48). SO as you can clearly see the small changes can sometimes make the BIGGEST impact!!! Attention to details is ALWAYS a good thing!! 

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