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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Howdy peeps!!! I don't know about you but my safari and posting weren't jiving SO after a lil research I installed google chrome and VIOLA!!! Thank you internet!! So we will play catch up - mmmkay?!?!? And yes Jen, these are for you!!!

Sunday I did a lil Valentine decorating...and I was INSPIRED to paint my nails to match!! 

I did my #sallyhansen base coat (ALWAYS). I did a thick coat of #orly "Happily Ever After" (kinda fitting - dontcha think!?!?!). I did a coat of #OPI "All Sparkly and Gold" (WHO doesn't LOVE gold litter after all!?!?!)

Kinda digging the combo!! What are you sportin on your nails?!?! Do you prefer real, gel or tips?!!? Weigh in!

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Anonymous said...

So happy you think of me with your posts! you are so clever with the layering of polish, so cute!