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Thursday, January 14, 2016

TRY IT THURSDAY.....Changing your builder grade light fixture WITHOUT wiring

I am LOVING FINALLY being able to personalize my space with paint and doing my own thang!!! EVERY house has at least ONE builder grade light fixture and this is ONE (of a few lighting projects to follow). This is the front entry.....

Lotsa "research" via Pinterest and blogs have been what I've been up to lately....and where I found the tutorial for changing your lights WITHOUT fooling with the wiring (I'm not the FIRST to do this BUT thought it'd be fun to blog about none the less). SO once I get something in my mind, I can't let it go until I make it happen (OR maybe because it's on my mind that make it come to fruition?!?!). I was at HobLob Tuesday and SCORED on light shades (below is one of the three I got on UBER clearance).
 My house seems to always have this Robin's Egg Blue (REB) color in it (although before I moved in I was sure I was doing a rusty orange and deep purple...because that was the oops paint I found and the curtains I got for a song BUT alas in the end I decided the living room needed a lighter color than purple and I do have a lot of REB accents SO it only makes sense to keep with the coloring because that way the accessories are inter-changable between rooms AND the house is cohesive.
 I followed the tutorials like I saw on-line....attaching wire to my "spider arm" so I could simply hang the wire from the pre-existing screws (that were holding the original glass globe in place). After 45 minutes in an awkward position and A LOT of expletives I figured out that this wiring thang wasn't wire was too long, one was too short, one didn't reach as far as I needed....

SO I remembered I had these decorative ornament holders from Christmas (because stuff is still kinda ALL OVER the place). I just hung these lil cuties on the screws and viola!
(after putting the lamp shade up it was too close to screw in the lightbulb SO I had to add another set to extend the length). I popped the shade up....

 Did a lil before and after pic...and I pretty much think I am IN LOVE with the look!!!

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