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Friday, January 22, 2016


I SWEAR one day I'll stop talking about the move! (Like when I'm FINALLY settled and then it will probably time to move again!! LOL).  SO, on moving day we realized the spice cabinet at the old house was still FULL (apparently I had these lofty ideas in between moving, packing and the holidays I was going to bake cookies with the kids -yeah, that never happened AND I forgot the spice cabinet still had to be in a hasty it's 2am and we have no more room in our 4th truckload full and the cars are full we put the box of spices in my neighbors garage - where they still live today). Long story long, it's challenging for ME to cook without spices....I finally cracked and bought some S&P the other day.
Last night's dinner looked like this....

 It was REALLY DELISH!!! I cooked up the chicken breasts in some olive oil, S&P and minced garlic....While that was cooking I boiled the water for the tortellini's (these are from #aldi There are 2 kind they sell there - GET THE KIND found in the REFRIDGERATED section - those are the best!!).
Once the chicken was browned, I removed it from the frying pan saving the "gravy" because I wanted to toss some broccoli and the tortellini in there.....I added some crushed red pepper to the top of mine (and lemme totally BRAG for a minute here....THESE red pepper flakes are from the red peppers I grew LAST summer - YES!!!! This was the EXACT reason I planted them from make my own red pepper flakes). 

Tuesday's Dinner here...
Jasmine Rice with Cayenne Pepper and Lime juice, A turkey patty (NO BUN because I was already "cheating" and having rice) and homemade Guac!!

I am so excited for the summer when I can GROW my own herbs and veggies again BUT this time I actually have dirt real estate vs. a patio garden!!!

What's YOUR fave HEALTHY dish to cook!?!?!

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