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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


WHAT?!??! Am I speaking a foreign language?!?! NOPE!! Y'all this is a REAL term!! Ad defined by The Urban Dictionary -  athleisure - An industry term for athletic wear that can be worn away from the gym.

The good news IS if YOU LOVE this look it isn't going anywhere anytime soon!!! In fact I was doing it BEFORE it was cool (as you'll see by some of the older pics!!)

I'm partnering with betabrand to talk about MY athleisure look (which just so happens to be PERFECTLY timed since I go to the gym at least 3x a week and I typically grab my #starbucks after and run the rest of my daily errands) I'm in "leisure" wear A LOT!!! I will preface by saying I am NOT a sweatshirt person....I struggle with that aspect of attire (although I DID style a sweatshirt with my jeans and TOM's wedges here)

MY tips are add accessories....they dress ER'thing up!!! Here I just popped on a scarf....

Here's an uber casual look (and this tunic sweatshirt I have worn to the gym - as you'll see below)

Dressed it up with a lil bling*bling!

Wore it with leopard leggings to the gym

I LOVE taking a nylon jacket INTENDED for working out and making it WORK-CHIC

It works with slacks OR a dress and boots

Or over a tunic sweater and leggings 

For this look from betabrand check out their Women's Navy Executive Pinstripe Hoodie


The Straight Leg Travel Yoga Pants....SWOON!!!! There's a built in pocket for your credit card SO when traveling it's convenient and close to ya....

You can wear your yoga pants with a dressy top and sandals and NOBODY'S the wiser!! Who doesn't want clothes that do DOUBLE-DUTY?!??!!

OF COURSE for the gym we all need a pair of bling*bling and pearl @Nikes!!! 
I told you I struggle a bit with the sweatshirts BUT blazers I can RAWK all day long!! My fave mix is a graphic tee and adding just the right chic gym shoes - these @Puma were a SCORE and the color is a perfect neutral!

Below I styled a blazer with a tye-die tee and a pair of slacks and nude sandals for work
If you LOVE this look try Betabrands NEW (like pre-order new) ACTIVE BLAZER in GRAY...a GLORIOUS alternative to black and can be worn ALL YEAR!!! Check it out HERE

HERE I mixed a pair of cargo's with a cute sheer top and OF COURSE jewels!! CASUAL-CHIC

UBER casual work wear....athletic jacket and a pair of denim joggers....

Check out betabrand all your ATHLEISURE looks....they have SO MUCH to offer and can be your one stop shop!!! By being a  Crowd Funded Clothing Community the designs are unique YET affordable!! Linked up to The Pleated Poppy for WIWW

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