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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A DAY IN THE LIFE>>>>> via my iphone from the past week....

Mani Monday #milani Mint Crush and a bow

Said BYE to Valentine's Decor

Hit the thrift stores like a FIEND....I really think I have a addiction....I had 2 trunk fulls like this in the course of one week...

Snow Sunday and Monday so I got to sport my NEW boots

Got all #joannagaines and worked on a few flea market projects....This drill is my guys....I think I NEED one of my own! I wanna drill holes in ER'thing

Made these candle sticks (one of my thrift scores from this week) talked about the how-to Thursday

Put this lil cutie together for my laundry room (my daughter feels like an episode of extreme couponing BECAUSE we have several laundry soaps and 3 packs of paper towels). At least now they can be organized AND pretty!!!

Hit the gym Friday....above mentioned snow - G O N E!!! It was sunny and the Midwest 50's means crops (and several people had on sandals today)

Did a lil #extremecouponing ....CVS bribed me with a $6.00 coupon

Working on this....

What have YOU been up to this week??!?!

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