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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Last week I posted my @salvationarmy haul....and it was so good I couldn't help but go back again last Friday (I go on Fridays BECAUSE the color of the week is .99 NO MATTER the price). I KNOW some people are horrified at the thought of wearing someone else's clothes...AND there are some things I WON'T buy thrifted (undergarments and bathing suits UNLESS they are still new with the ORIGINAL RETAIL tags). Everything else can be cleaned. Kids grow fast, styles and tastes change and I LOVE to shop!!! THIS thrifty version fulfills all those things!! 

HERE is the haul....

A lil something for everyone!!! The top 3 items are mine...farthest left was a pair of pleated black palazzo's (I ruined them when I washed them...all the pleated fell out and I'm sad about this BECAUSE in last month's People Style they had an uber cute look with a pleated skirt and leather bomber....I was trying to re-create that). The other 2 are gap sweat shorts (which I will cut a lil shorter) and they are perfect for bumming around the house....

EVERYBODY needs a lil tropical in their lives (it never fails!!! You get that invite to a party and it's a tropical theme SO whenever I see a piece cheap for any of us I pick it up...for a dolla why NOT have it primed and ready in your closet?!?!?). The peach shirt is for my son for easter (I already knew that was our color and my daughter and I have our was just him that needed a shirt {and tie still} that shirt was NOT included in the dollar sale BUT was worth $3.99 to me so I know I have THE COLOR).

We can always use t-shirts for my son....and after spending countless dollars FULL RETAIL and having him come home with paint and oil pastels smeared across them I got smart and thrift when I can!

FOR me....leopard jeggings!! FUN!! And at a dolla - why not?!??! The shoes are snakeskin print, Anne Klein and BRAND NEW - NEVER BEEN WORN!! They were thrift priced at $12.99 BUT because of the yellow tag I paid .99!!!
What have YOU thrifted?!?!?!
Maybe today if I have some time I"ll put together a post with these thrifted items as OUTFITS!!! 

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