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Thursday, February 18, 2016

TRY IT THURSDAY....Kate Spade Inspired Candles

I bought a new camera several weeks ago and yet I always reach for my iphone....I'm lazy and it's familiar...I need to start taking better pics for CERTAIN and this would've been good practice. 

Here are my Kate Spade-ish Candles...

See those lil white nubs?!?! That's what lived in my thrifted marble and glass candle holders...

I knew I wanted green
 And to be honest I don't even know where you can (inexpensively) buy tapers anymore....other than the thrift of course!!!

VAST improvement already!!!
(if you look closely you may notice these aren't even a "pair" BUT they coordinated well enough for me)

I got out my trusty black electrical tape and set to work (at 8pm)
(SEE, bad lighting...maybe if I had used the CAMERA it would've been a better shot)

AND in the effort of keepin it real THIS is what my china hutch CURRENTLY looks like (a cross between valentines ending, the dogs stuffed toy on the top right {we have to keep it away from Elanore so SHE doesn't destroy it like she did to hers} paper towel rolls for a future project). Actually I should've left it like a "Where's Waldo"

What have YOU been up to latley?!?!?

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