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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


EVERY Friday the  Salvation Army has the "color of the week" for .99 OR half off the marked price (whichever is cheaper). I LOVE going on Fridays and have easily dropped 85.00 on less than a dollar day!!!

THIS was my haul last Friday (NOW keep in mind that I got there at 3:30 SO I could get my shopping done BEFORE 5...I wasn't really feeling it and was ready to leave and just pay half off {what you don't see is I also had housewares} BUT I hung around until 5pm and checked out promptly at 5:01 - SO GLAD I waited - I saved $45.00). 

A Spanx cami (not sure I will ever wear it BUT hell for a dolla who cares!?!?!)

I heart Nueva York is for my daughter!! I kinda wanted it BUT I think it's a juniors maybe even a child's large SO for miss teenager it will be perfecto! 

The cream lace tunic is ACTUALLY maternity (I can't even believe I am typing this) BUT I think it will be adorable as a tunic over jeans OR maybe a lil dress OVER shorts (because  I just C A N T wear that short of a dress). AND NO I'm not pregnant - it's a maternity Medium SO I figure there's plenty of room for my regular LARGE! 

Since I've been going to the gym 3x a week I have been wanting to wear sweatshirts to help with "THE BURN" of all that water weight I retain!!! The last 2 years I focused on cute gym apparel and gym shoes BUT never sweatshirts because I didn't want them....NOW that I want them I CAN'T justify spending 15 or 40 on a sweatshirt (here's a fact you should know about me...I DON'T wear sweatshirts in real life...which is why I WON'T spend the money on them).
SO I got 3 sweatshirts for the gym

HERE I have styled 2 of them.....
 Coral Hoodie - Thrifted
Skulls and Roses Tank - Walmart
Grey Leggings - Kohls (THESE were my FIRST purchase when I started buying active wear...I believe looking CUTE while working out makes it more fun and MOTIVATES me for sure!!)

A lil #ROCKY anyone?!?! I found this vintage record while thrifting (I bought a #Crosley record player a few weeks ago SO now I am on the hunt for records).

Hoodie - Thrifted
Tank - Maurices (on clearance)
Leggings - Walmart
Headband - Goody on clearance at CVS
Nikes - OLD (found these babies while moving) like 2009 OLD

There's LOTS I won't pay full retail for (every now and then when there's something I"ve been looking for for awhile and haven't found I'll splurge....and jewelry, purses and boots - those things I will pay full price for). 

What have YOU scored for a deal?!?!?!

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