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Friday, February 19, 2016


I've been trying to be better about health and fitness (the new year always seems to spark that in me....last year I hit it hard and saw the results....then over time I ate out more, exercised less, had a health scare and quite honestly I think I fell into a slight depression....EVERY DAY is a chance to start NEW!!! 
This was Tuesday's weigh in (I take pics in the same bikini every week to document the changes in my body....I think sometimes this is better than weighing myself because I can SEE the differences and don't get discouraged by a number). LEFT is Tuesday 2/16 RIGHT is Tuesday 2/8. 

If you're like me and ate almost an entire container of @talentigelato sitting on the couch one night (and sharing the left overs with the dog) 

the next day is YOUR chance to start new!! 
(when my body was CRAVING carbs and salt and warm bread I chose @dannonoikos greek yogurt and blueberries)

One night I made a Puerto Rican dinner  - Bistek, Rice & Beans and tostones

To make tostones you get a plantain (my son was amazed by these and wanted to try it)....Slice the peel and carefully pull away....cut into 1/2" slices and put them in a bath of water and adobo

 Fry them both sides until golden brown....drain on a paper towel....once cooled use a tostonera (or a flat bottom glass) to smash each piece....

Which then will look like this....

Once again put in the water/adobo bowl

 Fry again until golden brown and VIOLA!!! 
(the best comparison I have is to a thicker puerto rican style potato chip)

Another night I made Turkey Chili...HEALTHY alternative to beef (AND it was on sale for $2.99) for the Jennie-O pound package. Avocados are a GOOD HEALTHY fat ad a few chip crunches to give me the salt crunchy....

Friday (tonight's dinner) Perfect for Lent EVEN THOUGH we missed getting our ashes (which I feel AWFUL about).

Broccoli and Red Sauce Fettuccini (I thought I had spaghetti noodles - alas I did not). Make due - right?!?!? I don't really care for broccoli BUT the sacrifices we make in the name of health - right?!??!

What did YOU make this week?!??!

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Twinkle Terrior said...

love catchin up on your blog! glad to know im not the only one........had lost a good amt of weight by May 2016. Now-headed to the holidays..gained it all back. So annoying, but i got sloppy with eating and had some stress. Gonna try to get healthy again ARGH!! #FoodieGirl #ComfortFoods LOL