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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


What's BLACK and WHITE and RED all over?!?! Not the newspaper silly, my #mani!!!

Sorry it's a day late....yesterday I was in MY ZONE (my cleaning zone that is...) and since MANI MONDAY is IRT (In Real Time) I couldn't post please forgive!! (AND that means there will be TWO posts today -woot woot!!!)

I LOVE having fun with my nails!!! So easy to change and people notice your nails ladies (so make sure even IF you don't polish that they are clean and buffed). I was in line @starbucks ordering my coffee yesterday and the Barista said "I LOVE your nails...where did you go to get them done?!?!?" when I told her I did then myself at home she didn't believe me!!! The trick to that was probably the print nail....and my secret behind THAT is @dollartree Remember back in December when I posted this pic?!??! I was at the #dollartree in Chicago and found all these FAB nails!!! I couldn't decide which to get SO of course I got them all (at a dolla why not??!??!). I knew the chevron would be for #Valnetine'sday

and remember I did the "candy cane" stripes at Christmas?!??!

After all that yammering HERE in the completed mani!!! (photo by my son who was uber proud of his photography skills).

Pointers and rings - OPI "A good man-darin is hard to find" (this is an older color and MY FAVE!!! Once summer I wore it SO much that I went and bought another bottle - which is unheard of for me!). It's the perfect red not red almost coral (because I don't dig the blue-hued reds or classic reds).
Thumbs and Pinkies - Revlon " Black Star"
Chevron Print - Press on Nail from Dollar Tree

What color are YOU sporting for the week of LOVE?!??!!

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