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Thursday, February 4, 2016


SO how crazy is it that there are TWO posts today?!?!?! I made this Valentine Wreath last week and figured instead of waiting until next Tuesday to post it I should post it today SO y'all can make one too if you wanted!!!

I started out with a grapevine heart shaped wreath (I picked it up in one of my many thrifting adventures KNOWING someday something would come to me....up until last week it was hanging by burlap ribbon).

I wanted to do an arrow through the heart (I also have had these dowels for AGES...seriously like 8 them when a major retailer closed...I have used them to stake my plants in the summer and was hoping it would be PERFECT for cupids arrow...the ironic part is I knew EXACTLY where they were  - and if you saw my garage you'd understand why!!! It's the aftermath of the move).

I am ALWAYS picking things up for "someday" (for a hot minute I stopped doing that because I had this abundance of ITEMS....but them I quickly learned it was costing me DOUBLE to go back and get them {via gas and another swing through town / the store} so now I just strike when the iron's hot). These were from #targets after Christmas sale...I only got them for half off BUT .50 is a deal right?!?!

Good thing I got 2 packages BECAUSE I didn't look closely at time of purchase - I thought they were both leaves/arrows/feathers...whatever they are....but alas they weren't

I thought about painting the dowel BUT I wanted INSTANT GRATIFICATION (like an under 20 minutes kinda waiting no dry time). SO I dug through my stash and got our my #scotch gold washi tape (hey, guess what, I found SEVERAL rolls SO if you're interested in making your own golden dowel rod, leave me a comment or message...first 3 I get will be shipped the tape. $3.00/EACH INCLUDES shipping.

I simply wrapped the tape around the dowel

Cut the string off my arrow ends and hot glued them on.....

My "arrow" needed a point...cut it from cardboard and inserted the dowel in between (securing with hot glue)

And then I used more washi to cover the arrow....

I opted to pop some ponk ribbon in the middle and VIOLA!!! 

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