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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Sports Bra - Maurices
Sweatshirt - VS Pink via the Thrift
Pearl Earbuds - HobLob
Leggings - Kohls

SOME DAYS just look like THIS....NO MAKEUP BUT at least I'm dressed? And have a bra on!! 
 What I'm wearing:
Plaid Snap front Shirt - SEVEN Denim
Tank - Target
Leggings - CVS
Boots - UGGS

AND other days look like THIS (day one of car shopping - SNORE...)
Grey Corduroy Jacket - Thrifted
Skull Scarf - Target
Sheer Blouse - Burlington Coat Factory (y'all this blouse was like $3.00 - NO KIDDING)
Tank - Chico's (the tank is actually royal blue - I LOVED this color combination AND it worked well with my accessories - everything kinda came together - LOVE when that happens)
Statement Necklace - Walmart
Jeggings - YMI (the BEST EVER) and also from Burlington Coat Factory
Boots - Madden Girl

DAY 2 of car shopping.....I'd rather go to the mall and a great steakhouse for lunch (so that's EXACTLY what we did after ANOTHER wasted attempt at getting my DREAM car)
 What I'm wearing:
Jacket - Lane Bryant
T-shirt - Thrifted
Leggings -Same as above
Gym Shoes -PUMA - Burlington Coat factory for 14.00 (a back story on these day I was in line at the post office and I noticed how casually stylish the lady in front of me at the post office was...I secretly wish I had snapped a pic of her....she had on a more fitted boyfriend style corduroy pant, a brown leather worn in belt, a looser sweater casually tucked and a pair of new balance gym shoes - she was SO POLISHED and casually chic all at once!! Ever since then I have had my eye out for a pair of gym shoes that could do JUST THAT....and I did check the new balance site BUT 60. was more than I wanted to spend to TRY a look....these creamy gold Puma's were JUST THE TICKET).  Do you all do that?!?! See someone's style and think "how can I copy that?!?!?"

My daughter was taking my pic and I SWORE I saw a shadow off in the distance....
 What I'm wearing:
Fuchsia Jacket - Walmart
Sheer Blouse - Daisy Fuentes via the thrift
Tank - Chico's
Jeggings - Same as above posts (these are my GO TO)
Boots - Madden Girl

AND THEN there was GYM DAY (my daughter said -"Are you sure you want a picture? You arent' going to like these" BUT THIS IS REAL LIFE LADIES....some days this IS how I look...if you ran into me at Target THIS IS what I would look like MOST days actually - BUT I feel a sense of accomplishment getting to the gym and then running feel me?!?!?!)

What I'm wearing:
T-shirt - Forever 21
Tank - Walmart
Blinged Out Joggers - Victoria's Secret
Shoes - Nike

Off to see what YOU WORE!!! Linked up with The Pleated Poppy for inspiration and to see how YOU wore it!! 

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