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Thursday, February 4, 2016


Have y'all been shopping for your son for a Valentine's themed shirt?!?! 
Not too baby, not to girly, one in his size....
Carters only goes up to a size 8

the no. 14 - pretty cute, boy-ish and can actually be worn ANYTIME....but the $14.00 price tag at the mall deterred me (ALTHOUGH now they are on sale for 30% off)

 And "Don't go bacon my heart" SWOON!!!! I LOVED THIS ONE!!! BUT again 14.00 was too much for this thrifty girls budget!!!

SO what's a girl to do?!?!? When she wants her lil stud to be all valentine-y?!?! Make her own OF COURSE!!!

Gather your supplies (I got this raglan style t @target and the felt letter @michaels with a 40% off coupon - PLUS I have extra letters for another t-shirt come back NEXT THURSDAY to see the other one. This brings my cost to make the t-shirt to under $6.00 for ALL SUPPLIES). 

I slid my tee over a  wooden cutting board (that I use specifically for these types of projects)

Figured out what word I was spelling (this is a REALLY important step - you don't want to get started and ASSUME you have enough letters BECAUSE then you'll be BACK at the craft store spending more money)...can YOU guess what it is?!?!

I flipped the letters, made sure they were the right way, positioned where I wanted them...

...and followed the manufacturers instructions....

Once you've ironed them on the front side you need to iron them on inside I turned the shirt inside out and ironed over the letters again....

After waiting a minute for them to cool (per the directions) I slowly began to peel the plastic off....

VIOLA!!! I LOVE how this turned out and hi can wear it ANYTIME!!!

This would be a fun project to do WITH your child! Lemme know if you make a shirt and we can have a linky party!!!

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