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Friday, August 9, 2013


My dad saw this on Rachel Ray (he has a love/HATE relationship with her...he watches her, gets some good tips and recipes BUT can't stand her! LOL). Anyway, one day when they were over he told me about how she put an ear on corn into a bundt pan to cut it off the cob......we ate corn that night...on the grill in fact...and there were a few left over....waste NOT is my new motto....and I LOVE to try new things...
I grabbed my bundt pan (I took this lil tip one step further and put a baggie into the pan SO I didn't  have to wash the pan when I was done)

Lined the pan with my baggie

Stood my piece of corn into the hole (working like a charm SO FAR)

BAM!!! It worked!!! 
 and a few pieces of corn fell into my pan....
I used that corn for my chicken tortilla soup BUT how perfect would it have been for corn salsa too?!?!
If YOU try this, let me know how it goes!

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