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Friday, August 23, 2013

FOODIE FRIDAY Monkey Bread and Oven Cooked Bacon

I remember FIRST hearing about Monkey bread about 13 years ago when Cindy Crawford was on Good Morning America? She was saying how her family made it every year at Christmas time....So THAT Christmas I made it. It was easy enough! Delish! And everyone loved it! So every now and then I will make it for breakfast....Now that my daughter is almost 14, she likes to make it too! 

Monkey Bread is essentially a cinnamon-sugar pull apart bread - SO good! SIMPLE ingredients:
*Rhodes Bread Loaf (can be found in the frozen section and comes in a 4 pack) I simply put the loaf of frozen bread into a greased bread pan before bed the nite before - spray top of bread with no-stick cooking spray, cover with saran wrap and a towel and let rise over night
*Cinnamon sugar
*Melted Butter
*Greased pan of your choice (my daughter prefers the bundt pan)

 *Using the Kitchen shears cut your bread into bite size squares
*Dip into your melted butter

 *Roll in cinnamon-sugar mixture

 *Place pieces next to each other in the pan (you'll notice I have some plain bread squares as well....I like to alternate one plain and one dipped so it's not overwhelmingly sweet.....the plain ones do get the carmelized sugar while cooking)

*Keep layering your pieces on top of one another until finished
 *Place in oven at 365 for about 20 minutes
(you can see my bacon below)
 THIS was the first time I tried oven cooked bacon - I've heard EVERYONE sing the praises of it BUT I am sort of a bacon nut and didn't want my precious pig ruined!! BUT since I had the oven on and had just cleaned the range top I said WTH, lets give it a whirl!! I lined a baking sheet with foil....placed the bacon on top and cooked until it reached my desired texture (chewy and soft)

VIOLA!! Add some berries and breakfast is served!!

Have YOU ever made monkey bread?!?! If ya try it lemme know how ya liked it!!

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