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Thursday, August 22, 2013

TRY IT THURSDAY RIbbon Light Garland

I have wanted to do this project ever since I saw it back in 2010....SO I saved my scrap ribbons, cut some ribbons off dresses my daughter outgrew, etc

(ABOVE photo credit to Whitney Caroline Designs

SO, 3 years later and a lil twist to the project I am working with this....
 PINK lights, ribbon, zebra and turquoise peace signs (from Wal-Mart's Christmas line for 2012...bought after the fact for like .20 FOR THREE). The ribbon garland is for my daughters room...

This was an easy mother/daughter project...

 Here is is after we used all the supplies we had gathered in the above photo...
 While going through my stash of art supplies and ribbon I found this SWEET turquoise & pink glitter polka dot wired ribbon (I bought this 2 AFTER Christmas' ago at Michael's for my daughter to use on her Christmas tree in her room - she was too lazy to put it on SO it never got used)

EXACTLY what we needed to fill the garland in....AND it was free because I already had it!!

Oh yeah, this was on Pinterest board of Future projects....SAW IT PINNED IT DID IT

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