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Thursday, August 29, 2013

TRY IT THURSDAY....GOLDen GILDED Wooden Salad Utensils

I haven't re-invented the wheel...IN FACT, I didn't even come up with this idea! I saw it on a few blogs a year or so ago. I've had the utensil set since MAY and not sure WHY it's taken me so long to be productive!! SO SIMPLE y'all....

Gather your wooden utensil to be painted (it can be any old wooden spoons you have layin around...these were only .99 for the set at my local HARDWARE?!?! store)

Get prepped....

I cut a grocery store bag in half and wrapped around the top of the spoon....used masking tape to adhere the bags AND create a smooth line....

I thought I took an IN-PROCESS pic (after they received their coat of arms) BUT I guess not!! 


SO for a dolla (Less than a cuppa Joe) all your dinner guests will think you're fancy - huh?!?!? LOL! Name that song!