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Friday, August 30, 2013

FOODIE FRIDAY... Pickled Cucumbers / PICKLES?

HAPPY Friday y'all!! At my local library they have a shelf for magazines that are not "current" anymore...I always grab a handful BECAUSE as we bloggers know there is INSPIRATION to be found EVERYWHERE!! (and after I am done looking at them or clipping them apart, I take them back for someone else to enjoy). I found this article in Woman's Day June 2012...

I have 2 lil pickle faces SO I always have pickles in the house...and the jars empty quickly!! I used a cucumber (I know, I know, real original HUH!?!? BUT it really was the only veggie I had in the house)
 I used the pink grater to create the striations in the cucumber
And I left my cut up cukes to marinate for a few days (right next to my cucumber lime infused water).

What have YOU made lately?!?!

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