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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A day in the life....

A day in the life are pics for the last week via my iphone....
I was gifted a starter Project Life kit for my birthday - this is kind of a BIG DEAL because while I've seen all the FAB PL blogs and pages out there I don't think I would've gone out and bought one for myself (I'm too cheap that way and I was trying to figure out how to do it o my own). SO you will be seeing PL stuff on here now too - YAY!! Here's the start of my PL pages with what I had so far (I ordered my pics and they are on the way)

While reading another Project Lifer's blog I saw that she keeps her PL tidbits in a bowl - GENIUS....So I pulled this bowl I got thrifing almost a year ago to corral all the life tidbits that I wanna include in my album

I was just saying how we don't have any cute pics of our kitty, so my daughter and I had a kitty photo session....

Well, A pet photo session....

We did a tie-dye project....

 and LOVE the results....maybe this will be a Try It Thursday post nxt week

I have a alego MANIA on my lil guy's always building and transforming his lego sets into something else. They keep his mind active and creative. Here all his "people" were on a platform

Taco Dinner - YUM!

The phrase curiosity killed the cat has NEVER made more sense!! 

We dressed the kitty....she's all ready for an ugly sweater party

Friday nite lights GORGEOUS Sunset out my back door
What have YOU been up too!?!?!

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